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Simulation Engineering Technologies

Simulation Engineering Technologies

Simulation Engineering Technologies (Pty) Ltd (SET), now part of 4Sight Holdings Ltd., is a consulting company and a leader specialising in creating accurate, discrete-event computer simulation models. These models consist of complex systems within mining, rail, logistics, manufacturing and service industries. Our team consist of a number of industrial engineers with a unique blend of experience in conducting simulation and business improvement studies to provide maximum value to clients.


Creating your digital twin

SET specialises in simulation modelling, a way to create an exact mirror image of your business processes. This mirror image, or “digital twin”, behaves the same way as the current system, but it all takes place within a virtual environment. This process digital twin allows you:

  • Improve decision-making by allowing you to test various future scenarios based on capacity, throughput and more
  • Indentify bottlenecks, unoptimised processes and other problems in the process that aren’t easily detectable
  • Create “what if…” scenarios without the risk of testing them in real life, running them over weeks or months
  • Optimise processes by finding the most efficient and effective processes without relying on gutfeel alone

We are global

SET isn’t just a local brand. Over the past decade we’ve grown our business, with over 260 successful projects located in 20 different countries. This means that we understand different working environments and operating procedures.

Our global presence also allows us to apply new methods of simulation and analytics that we have learnt from other companies around the world.


Simulating South Africa

Simulation Engineering Technologies

SET was established in 2004 and its senior staff have been in the simulation industry since 1995. We have over 50 years of collective experience in conducting simulation studies in mining, logistics, manufacturing and service industries and have offices in Cape Town and Centurion. Our team brings extensive local and international experience, having worked in Africa and various other continents.

Our professional services include the application of various industrial engineering techniques and principles like process simulation, production scheduling, warehouse slotting optimisation capacity planning, operations improvement, systems optimisation, work studies, training etc.

SET is also a supplier of various simulation, scheduling and optimisation software packages in Africa and the Middle East with strategic partnerships across the globe.

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