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Simulation Services - SETEC | Simulation Engineering Technologies

Simulation Services

SET is a proud supplier of the Simio® and SimMine® simulation software packages in Africa and the Middle East. Simio® Scheduling is used to provide risk based planning and scheduling solutions. We also supply the OptiSlot DC™ warehouse slotting optimisation software and ACT-OR optimisation software for the logistics and warehousing environment. We are experienced in and also make use of Rockwell Software’s Arena® simulation software.

Using simulation and optimisation technology has many advantages and has become mandatory for leading companies when performing due diligence studies of a new mine/warehouse, process design or changing current design parameters.

We provide our services to the world’s leading companies across the globe. We operate and have run projects across 5 continents and have two local offices in South Africa.


SET offers scaleable simulation consulting for the mining, logistics, service and manufacturing industries. We further proved powerful scheduling solutions and expert warehouse slotting optimisation and supply chain consulting.

SET has a highly trained team of industrial engineers specialising in conducting simulation studies, operations management and general industrial engineering consulting.

Simulation Services - SETEC | Simulation Engineering Technologies


SET offers Simio, Optislot and SimMine training for beginners and advanced users. Our hands-on training courses covers theoretical and introductory principles to simulation as a technology as well as the software being used. We also include practical workshops of your specific application area to ensure successful outcomes.
We are Premier Simio training representatives for the African region and have custom developed, step-by-step workshops that captures our years of experience. This allows participants to receive training with purpose and shorten the learning curve.

Simulation Services - SETEC | Simulation Engineering Technologies
Simulation Services - SETEC | Simulation Engineering Technologies

The STANDARD training course is a three day course providing a fast start to effectively solve real problems. It covers introductory simulation and project theory, software concepts and modelling with the software, modelling flexibility and accuracy, data management and results interpretation.

The ADVANCED training course is a two day course providing customized training for a specific application area. It covers advanced software and modelling concepts, with the use of practical examples and workshops.

Please CONTACT US for more information about training and upcoming training events.

These courses are appropriate for industrial engineers and process analysts looking to implement or upgrade their simulation capability, for educators looking to introduce state of art technology into their simulation instruction, and for managers and others who would like to better understand the technology.It is recommended for those who have basic simulation experience, are interested in using Simio / Optislot / SimMine or who desire a better command of simulation technology.


Software Sales

SET is a Premier Representative of the Simio® simulation software. We represent Simio in South Africa by marketing and distributing the software as well as provide sales support and assistance.

Simio is a unique multi-paradigm simulation software tool that provides a rapid and flexible modelling capability without requiring programming.

Simulation Services - SETEC | Simulation Engineering Technologies
Simulation Services - SETEC | Simulation Engineering Technologies

SET further represents Optricity in Southern Africa and distributes their Optislot warehouse optimisation and other software. We market and distribute the software as well as provide sales support and assistance.

SET is also a proud authorised reseller of the SimMine® undergound mine development software.
SimMine® is a powerful modelling tool that can be used to help reduce mine development and operating costs and saves time by optimizing the design of production facilities and the selection of production equipment.

Simulation Services - SETEC | Simulation Engineering Technologies

Software Support

SET provides local support for the Simio®, OptiSlot DC™ and SimMine® software. We assist our clients with software and maintenance support and bring our wealth of technical and real world experience to provide a world-class service. We are backed by the software vendor’s team of engineers if we cannot readily assist with a technical software issues.

We also provide simulation and modelling support on a consultation basis and can provide you with project assistance, pilot projects, ad-hoc support or a support retainer.

Simulation Services - SETEC | Simulation Engineering Technologies

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