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SimMine Software - SETEC | Simulation Engineering Technologies
SimMine Software - SETEC | Simulation Engineering Technologies

SET is a proud reseller of the SimMine® undergound mine development software.

Make the most out of your assets. Use SimMine® for optimised resource planning and scheduling of underground development.

Make sure your development project is completed on time within budget. SimMine® Development Package is an easy-to-use and powerful software to plan, simulate and evaluate the development process in underground mining. By using SimMine® as the method of verification of plans, you will get more accurate results than from commonly used spreadsheet based schedulers.

Conventional analysis with a spreadsheet is static and must incorporate significant assumptions pertaining to equipment operating interferences and other delays that take place over time. The computer simulation model surpasses spreadsheet analysis by incorporating two key parameters; analysis over a period of time and statistically varied random and nonrandom events, such as breakdown maintenance and planned maintenance, to incorporate real-world interferences and delays in the model.

Computer animation of the model allows engineers and mine operators to view the dynamic production system as it operates, resulting in a far better understanding of the actual production system operation. Equipment interferences and delays can be visually examined for better understanding of the statistical results generated by the model itself.

SimMine Software - SETEC | Simulation Engineering Technologies

SimMine® is a powerful modeling tool that can be used to help reduce mine development and operating costs and saves time by optimizing the design of production facilities and the selection of production equipment.

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