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Using Digital Twin Technology in Mining - Willem Daling

The benefit of the digital twin range from an “all immersive view” to a timeline change, with constant updates. Learn how to prevent unnecessary capital expenditure, quantify throughput and identify bottlenecks within various processes.

Improve planning & Scheduling control - Handre Dreyer

Learn how a multitude of simulation algorithms can optimise the workflow scheduling of various operations across your enterprise.

Power BI and Simio - May 2020

Simulation modelling has many benefits, namely its ability to forecast and predict multiple scenarios. Simio does an incredible job at providing user with incredible results, and Power BI enhances these results with useful insights and visualizations.

This webinar will provide the benefits of using Power BI for Simio outputs, optimizing your analytics that will give you an overall better understanding for decision making.

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Processing Plant Digital Twins - August 2020

In this webinar, we cover everything you need to know about Digital Twins in Mining.

Quite often the term can mean different things, so we uncover what it means in the processing plant space. Willem also covers a case study that looks at the benefits of using a digital twin.

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